Budget Garage Organization

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This budget garage organization project can be done in just a few hours, including the time it takes to go to the store and buy your supplies. While I absolutely love a sexy garage with epoxied floors and cool looking organization solutions, none of those are currently in my budget. To be honest, it’s not even high on my priority list as far as home projects go because we won’t be able to really organize like I want to until we get a shed and move the riding mower and canoes out.

Budget garage organization
The before

Supplies needed:

Tool Hooks – as you need (count them before you go to the store).

1x material – I used 1×2 mdc because that’s what I had on hand but a regular pine board will do. Doesn’t have to be fancy. The board allows you to hang tools in between the studs. You could also use a 2×4 but it will stick out more from your garage wall and you’ll need longer screws.

Screws – Buy screws for whatever wall material you have. My garage is standard drywall over wood studs so I used drywall screws. Just make sure they’re long enough to go through your 1x board and into the studs. If you’re using 1x material, a 2″ screw works fine.

You can also grab other hanging hooks depending on what you want to hang. I had two hoses so I grabbed these large J-hooks.


  1. Measure the width of your hanging space. This will dictate the length of the board you need.
  2. Find the studs. This was easy in my garage because the walls are not painted so I could see exactly where each stud was.
  3. Hang the board by placing a screw into your studs. I recommend hitting as many studs as possible to support the weight of the tools.
  4. Screw in the tool hooks. An easy way to do this is to pre-drill a hole (smaller than the tool hook screw) and then use a screw driver to twist it in.
  5. Hang tools

budget garage organization

That’s it! Seriously the easiest budget organization project you could possibly do that will get your tools organized. All in, this project cost me around $40. I grabbed a bunch of extra hooks to have on hand so for what you see pictured, it’s more like $25. I also already had screws and the mounting board so your price may vary depending on what you need to hang and what materials you already have.

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