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Spoiler's about as simple as they come but has made a big difference in my complexion. 

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hey love,

I’m Yamilec,
but you can call me

When I'm not plugging away at the 9-5,  I'm slinging content online on various topics, mostly because I don't believe in sticking to one niche no matter what the "experts" say. 

You've found yourself at heart and soul of With Love, Yami. My personal brand that has evolved out of the ashes of my former entrepreneurial endeavor into a passion for all things content creation. I've built a pretty kick-ass community and when they're not trolling me about zucchini and casseroles we're getting at the root of what being grounded means for each of us. From boob tape reviews to convos on setting boundaries and finding your purpose, I'm all about serving up substance amidst the fluff.

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I've listed the primary sources for each room in our home. Just scroll through click the picture for the full list. 

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Laundry Room

Jeremiah's Room

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Master Bedrooom

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Amazon storefront

An ever evolving space, my Amazon storefront has different lists that span several categories. 

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I started these for Christmas 2021 but really, they're useful for any occasion. 

Follow my LTK storefront. Round-ups, curated collections and all the sources in one spot.