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My Simple Skincare Routine

I’m a big fan of routines that are simple and quick and so, until recently, my skincare routine consisted of charcoal soap, rose water and a DIY face oil. Every so often, I’d whip up a mask and call it self-care if I was feeling extra indulgent (side eye to myself here lol). My skin isn’t very problematic aside from the occasional breakout from eating too many Oreos and peanut M&Ms, so I didn’t really think I needed any other products.

Lately though, I felt like my skin could use a boost as it was feeling a little dull and decided to find ways to brighten it up. I lean towards the dry side so most of my products are of the hydrating, glowing type.

simple skincare routine

Thanks to Anna Mae Groves (who I adore and you should totally check out) I started incorporating some new products that have really upped my skin’s glow factor. Check out this post of hers which is what I used as my foundation to figure out what sorts of products I wanted to try.

Skincare Routine

  1. Face it Boo Creamy Facial Cleanser – This is a small Black-owned brand started up by a close friend of mine. This is a rich cleanser that gets the job done without drying out your face. Win-win.
  2. Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm – This stuff is great to clean and remove makeup. I use it at night on the days that I wear makeup and it washes it away nicely.
  3. Thayer’s Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Rose Toner – Ok that title is long but this is my go to toner on days I feel like I need an extra cleanse. It’s not harsh and doesn’t dry me out. It’s got 5 stars with over 2800 reviews.
  4. Shani Darden Retinol Reform – If one thing has made the biggest difference in brightening and evening my skin tone it’s this. Start slow and work your way up to more days. It’s probably the priciest thing I’ve purchased for my skin but it is so worth it.
  5. The Ordinary AHA & BHA Exfoliating Peeling Solution – This one kind of stung in a really warm and spicy way the first time I used it but the subsequent times I was fine. I use this once a week (sometimes less) and my skin feels really great afterwards. Warning, you’ll look crazy when you put it on lol.
  6. Cocokind Glow Essence – I tried this on a whim and I like it. Not in a omg I have to have this kind of way but its a nice addition to my routine and makes my skin feel hydrated. Especially after applying the retinol.
  7. Cocokind Chia Facial Oil – I’m a face oil girl. My skin just responds better to the oils than to a lotion or creme. This one right here replaced my DIY face oil (jojoba oil, tamanu oil, carrot seed oil, tea tree lavender and frankincense essential oil). I don’t like how it smells so I add lavender and frankincense to it.
  8. Cocokind Barrier Ceramide Serum – Yes, by the time I’m done this routine my face is glistening hahaha. This one I really like for added hydration. It’s super lightweight and feels similar to the Belief Aqua Bomb but with a lower price point.
  9. Supergoop Glowscreen Sunscreen – I just started wearing sunscreen on a daily basis and I really like this one. It gives a nice glow without being sticky or greasy. If you have oily skin you may prefer their Unseen sunscreen instead.

As you can tell, I’m really digging that cocokind label. The price point is great and it all works really well on my skin. I actually ordered this hydration set because it came out less than getting it all separately. They have different items based on your needs.

The biggest boost to my now popping skincare routine has been the retinol. It’s made my skin brighter and less dull than it was previously.

My regular morning routine is face wash, glow essence, oil and serum. At night, I add the retinol and on the weekend I use the exfoliating face peel. Also, I’ve been drinking more water lately so don’t forget to nourish yourself on the inside as well!

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  1. torrie a. says:

    i use thayers toner as well and love the rose scent! i also started using VERSED products thanks to carmeon hamilton’s IG stories and the retinol is also priced nicely (hey, Target!!). i’ve moved on to also include their dew point moisturizing gel-cream and their sunscreen as well!

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  3. […] list is pretty simple and basic, just like my skincare routine because I also don’t want to spend an hour trying to “do” my […]

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